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New to Fiverr - How to get noticed?


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Hi everyone.

I am a seasoned business professional with years of experience working in the digital gaming industries. I recently decided to become a freelancer.

As a newcomer to the platform - how do I get attention to my gigs? Especially as I don't have any reviews or clients on the platform yet, what would be your tips for fast growth?



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On 11/23/2023 at 3:57 PM, doston_cohen said:

Especially as I don't have any reviews or clients on the platform yet, what would be your tips for fast growth?

Hi @doston_cohen,

Your gig gallery is your pitch deck to your buyers. Fiverr gives you 3 gig images, 1 gig video, and 2 PDFs to showcase your unique value proposition to your buyers and convince them that you are the solution to their problems. Currently, you aren't utilizing this. As a new seller without orders or reviews, it is critical to use all of your arsenal in your gig gallery to build enough credibility and trust with buyers so that they will want to place an order with you.

You state that you've helped 150+ clients secure $7.5M in funding, so find creative ways to showcase this in your gallery. There are over 1,850 sellers offering the same services as you, so what do you have to offer that no one else does? Why should buyers work with you (and not your competition)? If your gig gallery is compelling enough, your messaging will resonate with buyers who visit your gig and you will get orders.

Pay attention to your impressions, because that will tell you if Fiverr thinks you're relevant when buyers search for your services. Impressions indicate how often you are being shown to buyers. Look at your clicks, because that will tell you how often buyers are attracted to your gigs (versus your competition). If you have high impressions and low clicks, that means your gig isn't attractive enough to get buyers to click on your gig. Also, pay attention to inquiries that you get in your inbox, and your orders. Your goal is to turn impressions into clicks, clicks into inquiries, and inquiries into orders. These numbers will give you a benchmark to gauge your success. Track these numbers on a weekly basis to see if the changes you are making to your gigs are effective.

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