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Struggling to get the first order


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If anyone has any feedback to give for this (with one exception) I'd appreciate it.
Most advice I've seen on this forum to increase sales involves customer interaction, something you can't do if you haven't even got one order yet.


I'm aware it would be better if I used my face as the gig pic/profile pic, I'm not going to be able to change that. Any other advice would be very welcome.

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39 minutes ago, grafva said:

There's nothing else wrong with my gig that I could improve?
If not, how long do you expect it'll take, a month? Two? Six?

Just a vague ballpark estimate based on experience would be nice.

Please ignore these random copy-paste suggestions about being online and social media sharing. 

Coming to your gig, the VO market has been volatile in general due to the introduction of AI and demand has been affected. But we can definitely try to improvise the gigs.

 - For example, you can add a visually impactful thumbnail which provides a brief summary of your skillset along with your picture. Attaching a screenshot of gigs Fiverr is recommending below your profile. And if this feature is available to you, try adding an intro video to your profile, it will help the buyers as well as algorithm trust your gigs better. 

 - Spend as much time as possible in studying successful gigs. Make notes and pick the relevant best practices.

 - Besides your voice samples, see if you can add more samples which are closest possible to the kind of work buyers would seek/need from you. 

 - Do check your gigs to ensure that you're using every available feature to make your gig rich & comprehensive in terms of the information provided. 

And last but not the least - there no fixed/average timeline for a new seller. So persistence is the key while ensuring that your gig is compelling and professional enough for someone to trust a new seller with zero reviews. It just takes one click to get the first order, which would lead to second one and so on and so forth!!! 


Good luck. 🙂 



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