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Please help me to optimize my gig


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Well, if you have been with Fiverr for many years you should know the Fiverr gigs best practices in order to optimize your gigs for ranking . 
That said, Fiverr gig optimization is an internal Search engine optimization (SEO) that include the following 

1. Relevant gig Title with Unique Keyword

2. Catchy gig image and video

3. Realistic and attractive gig profile 

4. Decent and detailed gig description with relevant gig keywords

5. Important and related gig tags 

6. Appropriate Gig pricing

7. Respectful and prompt responses to customers inquiries 

8. clear sellers image and name 

These are the few acceptable Fiverr gigs optimization procedures but there are other ways which are not acceptable because they are cheats , example is keyword stuffing , it’s regarded as black hat seo technique!



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