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Is there any penalty on my profiles? I am Level 1 seller, but very few impression on new GIGs.


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Hello mates!

I am Sara Erikson. I am on fiver since 2020 and had been providing PDF and document related services. I had 5 rating throughout and my clients used to love my work.

Due to family reasons, i took a long break from Fiver but during the break, i upgraded my skills. Now, after resuming with fiver, i created 3 new GIGs related to my new skills.

Strangely, my GIGs are getting near to 0 impressions even when i stay online on fiver for most of the time. I took exams at fiver and did a course as well, used good tags (hopefully) and tried to do SEO in description as well but not getting good impressions. 

I have started suspecting that my profile is under some kind of penalty for staying away from work. Can someone please guide me?

Thank you!

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