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A buyer scammed me and Fiverr is being conniving


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Hello everyone.

I'm a session bass player offering recording services on Fiverr.

This weekend, a new buyer appeared to me and asked if I could make a single order for two of his songs, even though orders are for individual songs, but I just thought "why not", and made him a custom offer.

He placed his order, sent his two songs with some really vague instructions. I did my work and recorded both. Not only that, I recorded two versions for each song (which is double what I offer - typically one take per song) as a bonus. Also delivered way ahead of the deadline.

He then replied to me that he liked one of the songs, but wasn't happy with one of them and wanted to get a refund for the second song. I do offer revisions and told him I would be more than happy to work on the changes he would like to see and make him 100% happy, but he insisted that he only accepts the musician's first attempt and that is part of his "creative philosophy", so he preferred to get a refund instead.

I politely explained to him that I had already worked on his song and that a cancellation wouldn't be fair, specially given that he hadn't used any of his revisions. He insisted on cancelling the order, despite me being open to record for him again.

He then suggested have me record for another of his songs, but well... I charge per song, so that wouldn't be fair either. 

He placed another order (for one song) and said that he'd use that to pay for one of the songs, and have the previous order cancelled.

We then realized we'd have to open a dispute with Fiverr's Customer Support, unfortunately. I opened a support request and Theo answered me back saying that he couldn't cancel the order and also couldn't complete it - only I could cancel the order and only the buyer could complete it. So he suggested me coming to an agreement with the buyer - which I had already been trying for the last two hours, but he's behaving in a really unprofessional way by spamming cancellation requests (he sent eight!) even though I'm explaining that we should await for a reply from the FCS.

Then, after some time, I got a notification saying that my order was cancelled by FCS. Another agent cancelled it. That means Theo apparently lied to me about them not being able to cancel the order, AND they were conniving with this buyer behaving on really, really bad-faith.

He then sent me a screenshot from the other Fiverr agent, Alistair, saying that he reviewed the order, saw that he placed another one for a single song, and refunded everything to the buyer! The buyer followed the screenshot with a message telling me to accept the reality and deliver anything to the new order so that I'd get paid for one song. SO MUCH BAD-FAITH.

In the e-mail warning that my order got cancelled, the link to the reason for the cancellation doesn't even work!

I put my time and effort into this buyer's songs, delivered what he paid for, and now he has the product of my work and there's nothing I can do to stop him from using it. And he gets his money back despite not using a single revision.

I feel scammed and this really makes me wonder if the Top Rated Seller level I achieved over my 4 years working on Fiverr is worth it at all, because apparently the platform doesn't protect sellers, even after having 100% customer satisfaction and only 5 stars ratings and over 900 orders.

This is so upsetting.

I'm attaching screenshots from the order chat.

Hopefully I get paid for my work sometime.

Thanks for your time.










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Also, here's what's stated in Fiverr's Terms and Conditions regarding cancellations:

  • Orders are not eligible to be canceled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the Seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig Page. You may rate your experience with the Seller on the Order Page, including the overall level of service quality received.

Clearly the buyer wasn't in the right to have the order cancelled, and even less so to have the payment for my work credited back into his account. This is really upsetting.

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