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Battling Load Shedding & Rescuing My On-Page SEO Gig!

Guest thephpscripter

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Guest thephpscripter

Quick thing—I was all geared up to ace my On-Page SEO gig test, but the infamous load shedding hit my town, Ganderi Bala, near Mardan and Noshera. You can Google it to check—the struggle with load shedding is real here. Result? I couldn't finish the test, and now my gig is chilling in the draft.
By the way, during the test, I managed to attempt around 8-9 questions, and they seemed to focus more on Off-Page SEO, like backlinks and such. A bit like having scenes from a different movie in my script.

Let's dive into On-Page SEO. It's the script of the digital world, shaping how websites talk to search engines. Here's the rundown:
1:Script (Content): Crafting compelling content that's not just a joy to read but also speaks the language of search engines.
2:Schema Markup: Think of it as the director's notes. It helps search engines understand the content's context, making it more searchable and relevant.
3:Alt Tags: The supporting actors in our SEO movie. Alt tags for images provide extra information, helping search engines grasp the visual content.
4:Keywords: The stars of our show. Strategically placing keywords throughout the content so that search engines know what the page is all about.
5:Description: The movie trailer. A meta description that's catchy, informative, and prompts users to click through.

Any chance we can do a quick fix and get my gig back on the main stage? Ready to dazzle the Fiverr audience! Just a heads up, if my gig isn't published soon, all the time I invested in creating the gig, doing research, and writing SEO-friendly content in the gig description will be wasted.

And a tiny suggestion, let's keep the tests to the point, shall we?

Thanks a bunch,
Post Script: I'd love to share the link to my On-Page SEO gig, but it's currently in draft mode, so the link won't work.

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