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They threw out my page from the search. How to appear there again?


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Hello. I am writing here because the support service does not want to help at all, writes standard phrases! A big mistake happened: my page was thrown out of the search, it is not in any section. Accordingly, all views dropped to zero (screenshot 1).
It happened on October 9. I did not violate anything, I have the second level of seller, I have been working for you for more than 3 years. (screenshot 2). I searched for my page through:
- browser in incognito mode
- through my friend's account
- entered her name
- she wrote the names of her concerts
- search by category in which I work
None of the methods worked.
I think it happened after I placed an order for a buyer (screenshot 3). All this happened the next day. This buyer is currently blocked by your platform (screenshot 4).
I think that there was a mistake and because of him they did this to me. You can check his order with me - I didn't do anything illegal. And in general, I have never violated the rules of your platform
Please, I want you to help me.
I am attaching all the screenshots.





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16 minutes ago, fender6 said:

This buyer (REDACTED) is currently blocked by your platform

If that were the case you wouldn't be able to access their profile (they're also online at the time of my comment). That button in your screenshot is just there in case you want to block the buyer.

You should have that button for anyone you've had messages/orders from on the site.

Also, it's against forum rules to post buyer names. You should probably remove that and censor the screenshot.

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You barely had a few orders the last few months and other sellers might have better performance. So that migh be a reason why you are in the back of search.

Bad private reviews might also be a problem here. Just because someone doesn't leave a review, that doesn't mean they didn't leave a bad private review for that order. And even those that rate the maximum stars might say they were moderately happy or unhappy in their private review.

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2 hours ago, donnovan86 said:

За последние несколько месяцев у вас было всего несколько заказов, и другие продавцы могли бы добиться более высоких результатов. Так что это может быть причиной того, что вы находитесь в конце поиска.

Плохие частные отзывы также могут быть проблемой. Тот факт, что кто-то не оставляет отзыв, не означает, что он не оставил плохой частный отзыв об этом заказе. И даже те, кто ставит максимальные звезды, могут сказать, что они в некоторой степени счастливы или недовольны в своем личном отзыве.

Yes, there were few orders because the views dropped to zero. And what to do if I am nowhere in the search? Even on the last pages

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Almost 2 months have passed (I am attaching a screenshot). Support does not help. Who has had such cases? What should I do? The indicators are all normal - I am a category 2 seller. I'm looking forward to your advice because I'm about to leave the platform....I've wasted 3 years on this.


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