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Paypal charge from Fiverr


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Hello everyone. I just created this account to see if anyone can help me since it wasn't posible to deal with fiverr support.

on Nov 19th at 9:00AM I got a Paypal notification saying I’ve paid to Fiverr (paypal@fiverr.com) $527.50 USD. 

first of all, I have never in my life heard about this website until yesterday. Second, I don't even have created an account on this website ever. The last time I used my Paypal account was on Nov 15th. I reported the issue to Paypal and they said there was nothing suspicious on that charge. I explained to them I didn't do that. The topic for the paypal transition says “Build or redesign your website” 

Then, I contacted Fiverr via facebook messenger app and explained then the issue, they created me a ticket number and said this to me “Hi Dany! We can see that Customer Support has replied to your ticket. Please follow up on it for further assistance. Thank you!” 

How am I suppose to follow ip that ticket If  I don’t even have an account there.

What so do you guys think could happened here?

Paypal transition attached. 

Thanks in advanced!


Pos: I provided them an email and they sent me the ticked information there.

I’m checking.


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12 hours ago, dany151021 said:

What so do you guys think could happened here?

Perhaps someone created a Fiverr account and added your PayPal.

Worst case scenario, identity theft (and if that's the case, you might need to contact the police in your country). You might want to check if there are other expenses (bank accounts, everything) that you don't recognize, too, just in case.

@Lena, perhaps you can help?

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