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How to add real samples to my gig?


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I do lots of excel/access work and with those files when I upload nothing appears in live portfolio. However when I take a screenshot and attach the jpg file, that does appear.

SO i guess it just depends on the file type.

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Hi Animevideo and Jdthur, i have another problem let me explain…

I did a very first task successfully with 100% rating, after that i thought i have to change a sample image and changed it and suddenly its status changed “Active” to “Pending review”. its currently in “pending review” status.

I opened a support ticket #684987 but Fiverr people are not responding to my ticket.

And I don’t wants to delete that gig coz i have single 5 star review.

can any one help me?

  • Rajeev
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Hi Guys,

I do a lot of excel work as well, so I always include screen shots with every gig I do so that their is always a image to display.

Some times clients don’t want their work shown so they don’t allow you work to be shown. I good way to counter this if you really want a peace of work displayed is to upload it as one of your picture files.

You have two pictures with each gig so if you have a video (which you should) you have two slots to display your work!

P.S. - I’d give the issue a couple of days, it’s probably just a glitch; manually adding pictures like I described should do the trick in the mean time.

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