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How do I maintain good communication with clients?



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16 hours ago, skybyte_agency said:

how do I maintain good communication with clients?

Here is an exract from the "must-read" topic written by @williambryan392:


How do I talk to customers and be professional to make sales?

  • This is all about asking questions, being respectful and not pushy.
  • The best way to sell is actually not to sell. I know that’s confusing.
  • Ask questions, understand your Buyer needs and you won’t need to push a sale, they will want to buy. Follow the tips / steps in the link below.
  • Don’t use ‘bro’, ‘brother’, ‘sister’ or ‘dear’. Your target market is typically western, and this looks unprofessional.
  • Don't use 'Sir' or 'Madam' unless you're certain of their gender. Even then, I'd suggest using their username or the name they sign their message with.
  • Don’t use ALL CAPITALS. This looks like you're shouting.
  • Don’t use multiple ‘????’ or ‘!!!!!’. This looks like you’re being demanding. The '????' is rude. Just use '?' or '!'.
  • The first link below is how to be better at selling.
  • The second link below is Grammarly, they have a free version / chrome plugin that will help improve your English if you need some help.
  • Communication is key to being successful.



I encourage you to read the whole topic, here:


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