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How can I get first order.


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21 hours ago, mt_najmin_nahar said:

Now the competition is very high in the freelancing field. So, I think we need to be skilled enough, to properly create SEO-friendly gigs, market them, and patiently wait to get orders. 🙂

Please check out my profile and tell me the best techniques for SEO-friendly gig. How can I improve my gig.


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How to start selling on Fiver

The article offers a comprehensive beginner's guide to selling on Fiverr. It covers setting up a seller account, optimizing profiles, creating effective gigs, and maximizing visibility. It emphasizes delivering quality work, efficient order management, and utilizing Fiverr's tools for success. A must-read for those starting their freelance journey on Fiverr.

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13 minutes ago, usmanazam893 said:

my impressions and click goes back to 238 and clicks also goes down. Why.?

Because you are not selling. Why should Fiver put your gigs in the search results? They earn nothing from you. For this reason, you are slowly disappearing from the search results.

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Low visibility and impressions on Fiverr may be caused by a variety of factors. Examine your gig for:

Keywords: Make sure the title, tags, and description of your gig include pertinent keywords.

Optimized Description: Clearly state what makes you unique and what services you offer.

Pricing: Offering competitive prices may draw in more customers.

Portfolio: A well-curated portfolio will highlight your abilities.

Advertise Your Job: Post about your gig on other websites or social media.

Fiverr Levels: Getting better reviews and moving up the Fiverr ladder can increase visibility.

Make changes and keep an eye on performance over time.

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