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Woke Up To Level 2 Today!


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I Just wanted to say thank you to the Fiverr Community!

I have been here exactly 60 Days and woke up to being promoted to Level 2!

It’s been a fun and interesting 2 Months. I am closing in on 200 Completed Sales

with no sign of slowing down! I have made new friends and dealt with quite a

few weird ones…I think we all have!

I look forward to what Level 2 Gets me and will be shooting for that TRS! I will

be taking advantage of all the things Level 2 gives me as well as updating my Gigs

and adding a few new ones I have been working on!

I have also loved helping new members…as well as the older ones… with their

questions and I love being active on the forum!

Well that’s enough for now, seems I have a backlog of orders to start on!

Talk to all of you soon and I wish everyone the best!


Baltimore, Maryland USA

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