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Have a "pause" option when a certain number of orders have been placed


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Sometimes I get more than 20 orders in a week, and it’s hard to get results back to buyers in the time frame I would prefer to.

I do warn each buyer if I’ve got crazy amount of work before their order, but sometimes buyers still get upset, even though I explain in the gig posting and in the message they receive after ordering that if they can’t wait, I suggest ordering rushed delivery or I can cancel the order for them ASAP and they can seek a seller that’s maybe a little less busy.

It would be great if there were a feature to pause my order if I hit a cap of 8 or 10 orders and not let more orders be placed until there was space in the queue.

Thanks for the consideration!


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Reply to @skydesigner: I have the ability to PAUSE my gigs, or even go into vacation mode. What I’m asking for it an automatic pause if I hit a certain number of orders.

Say 20 for argument’s sake. And then the automatic pause would be released when I got the queue back down to 19. And go back on if it hit 20, etc. etc.

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