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I was receiving Buyer briefs at least 1 per day. But from last 3 weeks I haven't got a single brief?



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Hope you are doing well.

2 hours ago, shekharsuthar07 said:

Not getting Fiverr briefs from last 3 weeks.

Here are some tips from my end:

Review Your Gig:

  • Make sure your gig is still active and hasn't been accidentally paused or suspended.
  • Check if any changes in Fiverr policies have affected your gig's visibility.

Update Your Gig:

  • Consider making small updates to your gig, such as modifying the title, description, or images. This can sometimes trigger increased visibility.

Check Your Tags and Keywords:

  • Ensure that your gig tags and keywords are still relevant and align with potential buyer searches.
  • Experiment with variations to see if it has an impact on your gig's visibility.
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