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Won't let me pay...do you want my $ or not FIVERR?!


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Been trying to check out on a gig order all day but keep getting error message on check out. There is no reason indicated as to why it will not allow me to complete my transaction, I just keep getting a generic message that “something went wrong, please try again” WHAT went wrong? Can you give me some kind of hint please? I’ve tried again and again and now you’re just wasting my time. I’ve doubled and triple checked my credit card info and quadruple checked that there is no problem with my card.

Why can’t you let me pay you 5 stinkin’ dollars with a perfectly good visa?

Why is there nobody I can call to figure out what this mysterious things is that "went wrong?"

How many more times do you think I’m going to “try again” until I decide you’ve wasted enough of my time and I spend my money elsewhere??

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