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Everything I do is like a professional


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36 minutes ago, wpexpert_mdrony said:

That was the first gig after opening my account. Due to not being connected to Fiverr for a long time, that gig performance is down a lot. That's why I deleted it and gave a new gig

And now it looks weird, like there was something about that gig that you're trying to hide.

Other than that, some of your gig images have way too much text on them (remember, potential buyers will see them as thumbnails first, possibly on their phones, so it's best if all the text is easily readable), one of your gig images has many tiny pictures on it, gig images that are meant to be your portfolio (and show what you can do) are too small and blurry... And on top of that, you're in a very competitive niche. There are 86,000+ gigs in WordPress. You need to figure out how to stand out among all of them. A beautiful portfolio might help, but you need large (as large as Fiverr allows), clear images for that.

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