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Not getting click and order..?


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24 minutes ago, shahidfreelanc said:

Nobody has enough time to check your Gig and what's wrong with your gig. Better, develop your skills you can read Fiverr TOS https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service

If you cannot guide or answer the question properly then don't bother to comment.. What does TOS have to do with OP's question? Kindly do not guide if you don't know anything. 🙏 

1 hour ago, dmsaifu said:

You are a "Facebook and Google Ads expert specialist" according to your profile then I think you should know the answer of your own question. If you are really a FB Expert, then do you think that your gig images are good enough to attract buyer's attention or to get orders? 

Mistakes + Recommendations:

  • I will set up your facebook ads and instagram ads,: You have added a comma at the end of title. Remove it.
  • I will facebook marketing, fb ads campaign, instagram ads, fb advertising: This gig title is not making any sense. Why have you used the Marketing word twice? You need to delete this gig and create it again using a logical gig title. 
  • Improve gig images of your both gigs. Add relevant images there.
  • Use your expertise to get orders for yourself too like you will do the same for your buyers.
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