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how to get my first order fiverr?


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If you think publishing a gig on Fiverr is the end of your responsibilities, you're wrong. It's not your responsibility to sell the gig by  marketing. To give your first order is not Fiverr responsibility. You have to sell your gig or get first order for your own freelancing career.

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On 11/19/2023 at 11:06 AM, ashixur said:

I am new in fiverr. How to get first order in fiverr. share some tips

If you ever try to search your desired topic in the Forum then you can get your answers easily there. Try to use "Search Bar" for this purpose before posting your own question.

Anyway, read the topic first so that you can understand more about Fiverr (ignore content on Buyer Request):


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Why do you want to appear online 24/7? If you are thinking this will improve your gig rank, it won't. If you are thinking it will increase the chances of getting an order, it might if a buyer filters for online sellers. But in my opinion the one thing you can do which will have more chance of getting you more orders than anything else is to fix the spelling in your gig. I had a look and there are several mistakes in there.

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On 11/22/2023 at 8:51 AM, ashixur said:

How to 24/7 hours active fiverr???

While there are maybe some buyers who choose a seller only if he's online (the most important criterion for them), most of them are looking for quality work and can wait for a seller who's offline but looks convincing. Improving English is certainly one of the methods to look convincing.

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