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My gig doesn't seem to rank good / Can you give me feedback about my first gig?


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Hi, @redi87! Welcome to the forum! 😊

As a newbie seller, in lieu of reviews and orders, your business card will be your gigs, gallery, and your profile. Anything you can do to get buyers to visualize what you can provide will only make it easier for them to make their first purchase. Here are a few things you might want to do:

1. Add a few more relevant services and cross-reference them in your FAQs.

Would you be willing to provide reviews in the form of video capture? I know some of your written reports will be accompanied with screenshots, but some people might want to see their game reviewed through video. This could be set up as a second gig, with higher pricing. You might want to have a third gig set up offering video consultation where you walk through the game with your clients, at premium pricing.

2. Really take advantage of all the things you can put into your gig galleries.

I think you would also benefit from taking advantage of your gig gallery - so adding an engaging gig video, more images, and another PDF could help. Remember, you can have 1 video, 3 images, and 2 PDFs in your gallery. Use all of these. PDFs are great because you can include a lot there, and there isn't a page limit. Add another PDF showing how buyers will receive orders with screen captures, if possible. The more images, the better (and please add a gig video)!

3. You also might want to expand on your FAQs.

You can have up to 10 FAQs included with your gig. You might want to include info from your gig description (because not all buyers will expand it to read) and remember to cross-reference your different gigs and services.

4. Reconsider your pricing.

If you put in the effort to make your gigs look professional and credible, make sure your pricing matches. I think your pricing is too low for what you are offering to do. Low pricing puts "cheap" and "low quality" into the minds of buyers. It also attracts the wrong buyers (and a lot of spam). So have a plan in place to steadily increase your pricing. I also started off with $5 and $15 prices but increased them at 3, 5, 10, and 20 orders (and keep increasing them as the need arises).

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