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How to make a successfull Fiverr business?

Guest spokeseopro

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Guest spokeseopro

  1. Always Pick The Right Title, Description and Tags


    This is probably the most important part when it comes to creating a Fiverr Gig. You can have the most creative and best service ever if you aren’t using the right title and the right description this service will bring you nowhere.




    The 4 Secrets to a perfect Gig-Title:


    • Make it stand out → Use “checkmarks”, “stars”, use capital letters for the beginning letter of every word and make sure you write the most important word fully in capital letters (you can only write one word like that).


    • Make it easy to find → Search for titles of Gigs that are already popular and name your gig something like that or even give it the same title. Like Picasso said: “Good artists copy, great artists steel.”


    •Use as many Keywords as possible


    •Always add how much time it takes → Many people underestimate how important that is. Customers like very fast services. So you should always write “in less than 12h” at the end of your gig. Believe it or not but you will make 3 times more sales when you show your customer that you can do it fast (even if you can not do it in exactly this time).



  2. The Perfect Picture


    The picture of your gig will influence the amount of sales you will make. The most important thing is to play with the colors. When you create your own photo you should think about the colors and effects you want to use so a potential buyer will notice your gig out of all the other competitor services.




    Secrets To The Perfect Picture:


    • Use Big Numbers → People need to see what’s the most in important thing on your gig especially if they just view the small version of the picture when they search for a service


    • Make It Colorful → This will make your service stand out


    • Use Objects People Are Familiar With → For example the Facebook or Twitter Icon. People will associate this with the actual sites and they will trust your service more.



  3. Always Create Your Gig At The Right Time


    Many people think it doesn’t matter when you’re creating your gig but this is wrong. It is very important to come up with a new gig when a lot of people are online. Let’s say you create your gig on a Sunday morning at 2am. By doing that you automatically throw away your short promo by fiverr itself cause your gig is simply not seen by a lot of people and a few hours later it will disappear from the “new


    section” and nobody will buy it.



  4. Manage Your Time Right | Make Your Gig An “Express Gig


    By using the rules shown above you should be able to get some customers in at least 4-6 hours after you created your gig. Now comes the most important part which is to keep getting more and more buyers every single day. This process is all about the right time management. Our biggest goal is to make our Gig become an “Express Gig”.


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  1. Actually don’t use checkmark and stars in your title that isn’t allowed.

  2. Don’t copy people’s titles identically unless you want to get immediately written off as a scammer.

  3. “always write ‘in less than 12 h’… Likely to get 3 times more sales”! Are you kidding me!? First of all, that is an unrealistic time frame and buyers don’t like being lied to. Second, a buyer will wait for good work and third that three times more statistic is made up by you not factual at all.

  4. Concerning using Facebook and Twitter in your photo… Haven’t you ever heard of a little thing called “copywrite infringement”?




    In conclusion this is actually post about what not to do.

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Dude! NOTHING you post is your own!!! It would be bad enough to copy and paste ONCE, but this is ridiculous!!! If you want to do well on Fiverr and in life, play by certain basic rules. Copying and pasting aka STEALING IS NOT PLAYING BY THE RULES!!! Being lazy gets you no where. If you’re going to be lazy, you might as well not try.

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Guest celticmoon

He knows what he’s doing. He doesn’t care. He also doesn’t care that WE know he is a thief, posting plagiarized material all the time despite being told by sheriffs NOT to, or that it makes him look dishonest and lazy. He has managed to fool buyers into purchasing his gigs and has brought his rating up from 70% to 75%, so he’s going to keep doing this if he believes it helps him get buyers.

People like him give Fiverr a bad name, and those of us who are honest, by association. Since we know he believes in a god, maybe one of these days he’ll think about facing his god and being punished for his deplorable behavior. So far, he’s just spitting in the deity’s face, and doesn’t care.

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Hahaha as if anyone would take advice from someone with reviews like this…

"A Garbage Seller he just sends classifieds ads out. This is Not An SEO PRO …Just another Fiverr Opportunist…Enjoy your $4.00 .Garbage…Garbage…A waste of content and Bandwidth…and my Time !"

Bad advice from a bad scammer… Oh excuse me, seller.

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