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Improve my gig


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Here's a few suggestions:

Gig: I will do all sorts of special visual effects and compositing in after effects vfx
In the gig description:
Maybe change "Breif"

Your gig info video shows a TV show (maybe Legends of Tomorrow season 3) - if you really worked on that US Warner Brothers TV show why not send an application to be a Fiverr Pro showing that you did and increase your price so the basic package is >$10?

Gig: I will do vfx visual effcts and cgi compositing

maybe change "effcts" in the title
In all 3 package descriptions "Upto" could be changed.

Gig: I will composite your shot according to your need
In the FAQ section:
Maybe change "i am" in answer 1.

Gig: I will creatively edit cinematic commercials, trailers , showreels, in 24 hours
In the gig description:
Maybe change "until yo" (it seems like it's cut off at he end of the description)

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