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How will increase my gig?


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SEO Title vs Keyword....... Which works how for Ranking 

Your Gig Title & Keyword works in its different way, You can justify it later on. Now let’s see how they work:

  • Suppose we've a lower to upper mid level of competition In both case
  • Suppose your buyer is looking for a particular work. So what does he/ she do. They will search for it. In that case your Gig Title works the most to show you as close as possible to them. So that they can get it easily.
  • Again Suppose in this way you got your first couple order( *the keyword you've used in your gig is not used in your gig title). That means your gig will rank, right! But rank for what. Your profile will rank for those keywords that are into your gig not in your title. I hope so far this is pretty clear.
  • So summing up i suggest choose 5 unique keywords for gig & another 5 for gig title. Choose any two from each of them. Keep These two keyword in to your title as well as gig keyword. Try experimenting it every once in a while. See which one is working the most for you,

So You appear at first page to your buyer for their search which is one kind of rank and another one is you rank for completing order for those keywords that are into your gigs. Buh bye

Best regards 

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