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How to create a professional gig?



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  • Read the forum, research the competition, and understand your target customer.
  • Look at successful Sellers in your category selling what you (want to) sell.
  • Think like a Buyer - what does a Buyer want? 
  • Read these posts (and the help center!), they say it better than I ever could:
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That's true, Fiverr has replaced buyer's request with brief feature.

The brief feature enables you to get briefs from buyers who have projects to work on and need the services of designers. Their briefs will be sent to you and you can send them a direct message in response to their brief. You also have the option of sending them an offer in relation to their brief and budget for their project.

I hope this explains the brief feature. 

I wish you all the best on your Fiverr journey!

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