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How to view older inbox messages?


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8 hours ago, milos_siena said:

Yes, that only shows the aforementioned 30 messages.  If you know the username, you can search and find messages that are older, but it seems we only have access to the latest 30 in the inbox, which seems crazy.  There's also no way to search messages by keyword, so if you don't know the person's username, there is no way to find them.  I'm having to literally write the person a letter and put in in the mail asking them to contact me, because I have no other way to find them. 

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1 hour ago, let_collab said:

If the conversation you're trying to access is that of a previous client, go to your "orders" tab, and locate the particular client's order. On the order's page, scroll down, you'll find a link to "view conversation with...". I hope this helps.

It worked for me.

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