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Yes, You can edit your gig description any time but never do this. Always try to make a unique and perfect one from the very fast. Do not rush take your time and make a description. You can edit your description, but if you do, you will lose your rank. 

Thank you!

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On 11/16/2023 at 1:10 PM, donnovan86 said:

Praying for orders? That's interesting. And NOT efficient. Promote your gig, create amazing, unique gigs, don't just pray and hope for the best. Businesses succeed if you take action.

Although I wish the original poster all the best, I agree with donnovan86 here. This is not a platform where you just make money by pure luck. There is just way too much competition. You need to have a skill and be very good at it, not to mention the ability to interact effectively with customers, time management etc. I've seen way too many videos of people saying "this is how you make money on fiverr" and people get excited and end up creating gigs for things they don't even have a base level understanding of. The amount of people I see here asking "why aren't I getting orders" and their gig is "Landing page design". The irony in someone trying to sell landing pages when they can't even market their own gig properly.


A few tips that might help your gig:

1. Fix the grammatical errors in your gig description - If I was a potential customer and saw the errors in your gig description I would choose someone else.

2. Provide at least one example/image of a Facebook business page you have created and put it as one of your gig images, after all, you are an experienced social media marketing manager, so show off some of your previous work. 

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On 12/20/2023 at 10:11 PM, freelancerjueal said:

What is the way to increase gig impressions on fiber? Can someone answer this for me please!!!

You should know the answer of your own question because you claim yourself to be a Digital Marketing Expert. :classic_dry: 

Anyhow, improve your gig galleries (of both gigs) as they are not good enough to grab buyer's attention.

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