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After more than an year on fiverr I still can’t understand the ranking system and especially the order of appearance in the search results. Since my first successful order here I try to improve my gig in order to be competitive to the other great artists here.

However, I just cannot ignore the fact that when I try to search for my gig in the search engine, it appears behind lots of gigs with lower rating results and order numbers.

Can someone please explain me what causes this? :-?


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That, my friend, is the great mystery! No one, except perhaps Fiverr itself, knows the reasoning why some lower rated gigs appear higher than those who do well… other than Fiverr trying to give everyone a chance to “make it”. Is it fair? Perhaps yes, perhaps no!

The only thing you can continue doing is advertise your gigs and make yourself stand out among the pack.

Good luck!

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Here’s a quick recap and maybe a unique perspective for you.

keywords used more than once in title, short title, short delivery(One day delivery gigs get especially great ranking if done right.), feedback soon after gig creation, video.

If you search “logo” in Fiverr you’ll see “logo logo” gigs, utilizing using the same keyword twice. Not sure why Fiverr hasn’t dealt with that kind of shady method, but it’s just an example.

I’ve did a test recently with a gig that ended up surpassing even a TRS and is in the #1 position in what I consider to be a fairly competitive keyword.

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