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How to comeback after more than a year?


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Hey folks! Hope you guys are fine and making money out of this platform.

Topic almost says it all, but let me say a little story of myself and then kindly ask for your tips and advices.

I started my work here when pandemic started and made good amount of money through the year of working from home and fiverr was one of my main source of income, later when everything went normal I lost all my attention to fiverr and this also lead to one unfortunate cancelation, I was the one who asked the client to cancel the order since he was being disrespectful but I got really bad impact on my account since that's how fiverr literally works. with that in mind you guys see any hope for me to get back? for example this gig was one of my top selling ones: https://www.fiverr.com/s/EvN21D
It was also featured by fiverr and I got revenue from clickable ads powered by fiverr itself (it was disqualified after one canceled order I mentioned)
So here is the question, How can I get to my top days? what are you advice? should I change my video or description?
let me hear your selling tips

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