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Biggest decline in sales, clicks and impressions since I've been on fiverr.


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I hate to sound like I'm complaining because fiverr has been a great place for me to utilize my talent to earn an income but in the recent months I've noticed my biggest decline in impressions, sales and clicks in years, I'm literally on the front page and top line of a huge niche (rap and rapper) and my impressions are stagnant my clicks are dropping and I go full weeks with no sales even with promoted gigs running. Early this year when my gig was listed on the front page of the niche It was a completely different story, I'm just curious to how such a huge drop can happen so quickly especially when my gig is positioned so high in my niche. I attached an image showing the decline over the months and the position of my gig on the top page of the rap search result. Can anyone explain how this can happen?

Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 10-38-34 Find the best global talent.png

Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 06-51-54 Find the best global talent.png

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Hola! te cuento que el año pasado tuve ventas todo el año y en ocasiones no me daba abasto para atender todos los proyectos, desde que comenzó 2023 no he tenido trabajo, he pasado meses sin proyectos ni contactos, estuve averiguando y me comentaron que se debe a que fiveer eliminó buyer request a partir de allí todo desmejoró, me está costando subir mis ventas por lo que he migrado a otras plataformas

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10 minutes ago, meldawn9 said:

Read the news. Some of my clients have told me they left due to the conflict in the world.

It's the first time I am hearing about this. Why would that matter, since the platform is international. I think the problem here is AI, and less people buying. That's the case for many niches, writing also being one of them as we both know. It's strange for me to hear that buyers leave a platform because of a war. They didn't leave when the Ukraine war started, and it's still happening (I live right near Ukraine..). Now the focus is on this war, until another one might take its place. It doesn't matter if Fiverr is in Israel or not, since it can move data and operate from other places.. At least that's what I think. It's sad to hear that you're quitting the platform, you should at least keep your gigs open.

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I have been a seller since 2018 and I have seen huge drops here and there. The challenge I have is taking time off  because it takes a toll on impressions etc..

Fiverr does an amazing job giving sellers the tools to be on the first pages. Although promoting is a bit tricky because the more you promote the newer your buyers and it can be difficult to reach the “buyers keep retuning” badge that gets you top status on the front page. 

My guess for the drops is a mix of everything. But pulling out of Fiverr is like investing in the stock market, the minute you start panicking and take all your money out, that’s when the market takes a shift upward! Be in it for the long haul and just ride the wave.

I look inward at what I may be doing to cause the drop and try to adjust what I have control over.

I make less now than when I first started despite being a pro and TRS but I also lived through Covid, more sellers on the platform, politics, more unplugged travel and family priorities. 

This response may not help you but it’s at the top of my mind every week. I feel it’s my own life circumstances that may be causing the dip, not my lack of kindness, quality work or 100% with a 1 hour response. But there are those sellers just like me with top notch ratings and stats but don’t take the time off to unplug.  So my dip is on me… not Fiverr.

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