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Getting your impressions back


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Hi everyone, I hope you are doing great.

I had some problems with my impressions, so I will tell you my story how I got my gig impressions back, maybe it will help to some of you.

I got one or two negative private feedbacks and that made my impressions go low. Here is how I fixed it:

  • I made instagram account on which I promoted some of my gigs, and I got few customers there who made order on Fiverr with me
  • Changed few things about my gig, keywords, description, main picture, lowered price of my packages
  • Paid promotion of my gigs, as soon as I was available to do it
  • Gave 100 % of myself in orders, even dough my prices were lower then usual
  • Got few nice feedbacks from my customers

And that's it, I actually got my impressions back in about 3 or 4 days after I made these changes. So to anyone struggling with the same thing, don't loose faith and use the time which you have to keep pracitising and be better at what you do 🙂 

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Hi everyone,  hope you are doing great 🙂 

I saw a lot of people trying Fiverr for the first time, so in order to help you here are some tips for new sellers:

  • First of all focus on writing your biography ( describe your experience in certain area, how many years did you work in that field, what do you love about your work)
  • Make portfolio (especially if you are an artist). Showing portfolio will help customers decide whether they like your style or not, and of course, if they want to work with you.
  • Make as much gigs as possible (in new seller level you can make 7 gigs)
  • While making gigs, try searching for other sellers gigs which are similar to what you offer. That way you can see how you should create your gigs, of course dont copy others sellers gigs, but see how you should make gig and create maybe even better one.
  • Try taking a test, so other people can see how much skill you got
  • When you get your first order (and all other orders too) be kind to your customers, understand what they want, show them some kind of sketch, portfolio or anything else that will make them trust you.
  • Offer gigs with small price, and dont worry as the time passes you will get more and more orders, so you can rise your prices later

I hope this will help to new sellers. Have a nice day 🙂 

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I think the following points will help to get more impressions on Fiverr GIG-

  • Create a good look Professional Profile.

  •  Choose the Right Gig Categories and subcategories.

  • Make the promise to provide high-quality services and stick to it.

  • Establish competitive prices to draw in customers.

  • Produce Eye-Catching gig photos and feature your portfolio on your profile.

  • Improve the keywords, tags, and gig titles.

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