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I need an advice/help!

Guest cumhuryalcin

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Guest cumhuryalcin

im new on fiverr but i realized that there is a lot of “CHEATER/EXPLOITER BUYER” who are trying to force you to design their own works which is not even relevant with the GIG.

I delivered the exact gig i offer even more than images that i offer in my gig (gig offers 10images - i delivered 30). But she still refuses delivery and ask me to do something else. now also i see buyer uses my delivered works on a website but still rejects my works

what can i do in this situation

Im not here for make $5, i can offer all my gigs for free. i already have clients that im doing wordpress works with the minimum price is $1000- i just want some international referancess. but also as a person who spends many hours i just dont like to be exploited.

As a buyer they have right to reject work or ask modification. But seller can’t do anything except to cancel their work even after deliver the work after hours of working. Why fiverr has only buyer protection?


why i have to do/design whatever buyer would like me to do?

what is the point of to create a gig?

thanks for opinions and advices.

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I would suggest that if she has not purchased the artwork she is not entitled to use it. Send her a copyright infringement notice, now. Artwork she has not agreed to purchase should not be used. All of us here know she is going to give you 1 star anyway, that’s just how some scam buyers are. But, don’t worry about the rank; make it up with good clients.

You can also send her hosting company a notice that the site is violating your copyrighted work.

Here is an example and more info : http://www.artslaw.com.au/info-sheets/info-sheet/copyright-infringement-and-letter-of-demand/


Arts Law Centre of Australia


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Unfortunately Fiverr has NO PROTECTION for sellers in this situation. I have an issue raised with them at the moment on this very point of a seller providing a perfectly delivered gig and the seller then requesting 1,2,3 (more) modifications which eventually you give up on and the gig then gets cancelled unless you do a daily ‘refuse cancellation’ to keep them open.


We need the ability to decide if we accept an order or not before it starts. In order to do that we need to know as many facts about the seller as possible like number of orders placed before, number of orders completed, number of modifications requested, number of messages sent (could identify a spammer), etc etc.

As a seller we should also have access to a list of usernames where we can search for other sellers past issues so we are able to make a decision about accepting or declining any gig.

I could swear so much right now its unreal. For only $4 I have spent hours of my time to try to get some solution to this with Fiverr support, so the money is clearly not the issue, but the whole methodology of how a seller is protected by Fiverr. Fiverr’s first reply to me was ‘Sorry for the delay in responding but we were busy’… them being busy to advise one of their sellers cost me.

Really looking forward to a resolution to this

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Reading stories like this turns me off totally from creating creative work.

My gigs have no chance to get to that point, because what I deliver is advertising on my own blogs.

So the buyer has no control over my property.

If he turns out to be a scammer, I contact CS with printscreens and they always are there to help you out if you prove you are right.

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