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Just Got Scammed from a client


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I had a pretty bad experience with a client named as on Fiverr "Mr_AJ" he asked us to create a plugin for reviews section manipulation on Woocommerce product page, i had created a plugin he asked for extra work in the same project as i told him that it's out of scope task and it will be in another order he said i wil cancel the order as a new seller on fiverr i have compromised and did what he asked for. As the final build was created i delivered to him he approved the order with 5 star rating i was happy that finally i didn't end up getting bad review so after 5 days he asked the support for refund and got the order cancelled now he is using the plugin in his website and got the refund as well. The customer support is favoring him how it's fair to us ( Sellers ) literally quite dishearted from fiverr as sellers what rights do we have, are we just here to get scammed from such goons? and the customer support favors the buyer. if the buyer is paying the service charges, are we ( sellers ) don't pay the service charges. why does so much discrimination?

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It is important to establish boundaries and not accept additional work unless it falls within the scope of the original request, a revision, or as a paid extra. In this particular case, it appears that the client took advantage of your status as a new seller and managed to receive free work by contacting Customer Support for a refund.

I assume you already did that, but provide clear evidence to Fiverr demonstrating that the client is still benefiting from your delivery despite requesting a refund, as they clearly had no valid reason for doing so. The CS might discuss this with their department and restore your compensation, as it clearly was in the scope of their request considering they are using your product.



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