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Found another buyer trying to hack my account


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Be care when you received any zipped file/ compressed file. 

Today, I received this message from a buyer that come from a country that starts with “P”. Haha 

There are some red flags, from the way he writes. Why he asked me to open in PC ? Why I can’t preview PDF in my mobile? 

Then when I opened the Dropbox , and yep, there is a SCR file ( the malware ) disguise as PDF. 

I was hacked before by the same method , accidentally download the SCR file and the next day, all my account balance disappeared the next day. ( you can see my past forum, if you are interested , wink). And from then, I was particular cautious about compressed file. As fiverr is not able to scan them. 



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Pretty much any phone would be able to open a PDF.

And there's zero need to compress a PDF, a novel isn't a large file.

Even if this one wasn't a scam, even if it was a really confused buyer who has no idea how certain things work, this would look like a problem project.

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