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Please suggest why my gig has suddenly lost rank. I completed 32 orders on this gig of mine. Now clicks and impressions are 0. What is the way to get rid of it?


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3 hours ago, designtouch315 said:

Can you please tell me how I can get out of this problem 


Main reason is the following review which you have received 1 week ago:



That buyer might have given you not a good private review that has affected your impressions and clicks + your gigs might have been pushed back in the search results. It will take some time i.e. 3 - 6 months to get recovered from those reviews.

If you are really a Graphic Designer, then I'll encourage you to improve your gig galleries further if you see fit.

Good Luck

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50 minutes ago, designtouch315 said:

Thanks for your feedback. My gig doesn't seem to have lost clicks and impressions for the reason you mentioned because I still got 20 nice responses. Please tell me who else could it be?

Read my comment again. I have answered your question already (topic's question). Explained the reason of why you're having zero clicks and impressions. 

If you are really getting 20 responses, then why are not you able to convert them into your potential clients? Lacking communication skills or anything else?

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