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Request for Assistance in Restoring Gig Ranking on Fiverr



I am a new seller on Fiverr and have been offering my services since April 2023. Previously, my Fiverr Gig was prominently featured on the first page, securing positions 3rd and 4th when users searched for the keyword 'etsy virtual assistant.' However, I have recently noticed a significant drop in my Gig's ranking, and it is now buried on the 10th page.

I want to emphasize that I have not made any alterations to my Gig during this time, and this sudden decline in ranking appears to be unjustifiable. While i got full time 5-star rating and will achieve Level 1 status in November,
I already Send my issue to team fiverr but did not get any satisficed assistance

I kindly request Professionals help me out, as it has a substantial impact on my visibility and business on the platform. I greatly appreciate your prompt attention to this matter below i have attached my gig link.


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