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not click in gigs


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It's not clear what you are going to do for a buyer. In the description, you talk about steps for someone to develop a strategy. You are supposed to develop a strategy for a buyer. Plus, the text in the description is truncated, it screams copy-paste. Just my 2 cents, hope it helps!

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It looks like you used ChatGPT to write your description (which can be OK but you need to state it) but the biggest issue is that it doesn't read like a gig but like you researching what to do (as it was stated before as well.) People won't buy from you if it feels like you're just rattling off info at them instead of actually providing a service.

At the moment, as a buyer, I wouldn't trust you, simply because I'm not quite sure you know what you're selling based off your gig. 

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Hello, dear. 

I think your gig image is one of the major reason why it does not attract clients to see more. It is so normal with countless of alphabets in it which makes anyone uncomfortable. 

Hence, try to make an eye catchy gig image which will attract client to click it to know more about it. 

Also, the gig description seems a bit “made up” or “copied from AI”. 

Try working on it and you are good to go. I hope you overcome all these and post about your first ever order journey in the forum like you posted for a suggestion. 

Keep up the good work! Cheers!!!

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