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Buyer wants invoices from me and not fiver's ones



Hi everyone!

A buyer resident in Germany needs to label her expenses on fiverr and she asked me for invoices with my personal info on it cause her tax advisor said that the ones from Fiverr's are unusable, for what i understand i dont get paid by the buyer but from fiver and He doesnt buy from me but from fiverr so she should use the fiver's one. can someone help me understand how this works?

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7 hours ago, factotum14 said:

she is not asking me to do outside payment, she is asking me to have a receipt invoice using fiverr but with me as beneficiary and not fiverr

Hi @factotum14 - For tax purposes, buyers can visit their billings and payments page to download PDF invoices for all their orders there. You can provide this link to your buyer:


These invoices have all the information that a tax advisor would request. It also includes this statement at the bottom of each invoice:



So you are correct in that sellers do not need to provide buyers with invoices. There is also a clickable link on those invoices so that buyers can contact Fiverr if they have any other questions.

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