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my accout was restricted



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19 hours ago, suyash0999 said:

by mistake i will send massage to sellers

How do you send messages to sellers by mistake?

19 hours ago, suyash0999 said:

because of that my accout will be testricted

Based on this, I'm guessing you didn't send legitimate messages to sellers (you're only allowed to message a seller if you want to buy from them). You were sending spam (begging them to hire you, probably). And by doing that, you have violated Fiverr's terms of service.

19 hours ago, suyash0999 said:

how i crcover my account ?

You can try contacting Customer Support, apologize for breaking the rules (and for creating problems for sellers you have messaged), promise never to break the rules again, and ask them for a second chance.

There's no guarantee that you will get your account back, but you can try.

And if you don't get your account back, remember that you're not allowed to create another one. Ever.

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