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7 hours ago, sadia_seo_0 said:

How long after edits gig rank returns

There is no fixed time. Impressions and Clicks will tell you the results. If they are increasing with the passage of time, then it means your gig is doing well, if dropping then it means your gig requires further optimization. 

P.S. Just a question for you: Is the profile picture yours means your own picture? If not, then change it else you will be in trouble.

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24 minutes ago, sadia_seo_0 said:


What can I do if I don't want to use my photo?



Fiverr encourages people to use their real identity. It is beneficial for both client and sellers side. A buyer would only knock you seeing if you are real or fake. Also, if you don’t get orders in months or so with an identity that is fake, fiverr would ask you to send them proves about your real identity that includes your national identity card, passport or whatsoever that proves you are the real person in this community or platform. 


Hence, use your real identity such as names, picture, biography and your skills too. 


Thank You. 

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9 hours ago, sadia_seo_0 said:

My name and address are okay and I have verified everything with Fiverr. Now as I am a girl from a Muslim family I don't want to reveal my face Fiverr profile picture. Please help me with information.

I can understand about the privacy but you can use the side poses or crop your face from the original picture like me.. But it is recommended to not use the copyrighted images.. better to use your picture or your own designed picture.. I had the same issue but came up with this solution only for myself.

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