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Fixing Common WordPress Website Issues


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Is your website acting up? Don't worry! It's like fixing a puzzle.

1. Theme Trouble: Themes make websites pretty. If it's not looking right, update it or change to a new one.

2. Plugin Problems: Plugins are like gadgets. Sometimes, they fight. Deactivate and reactivate them to find the troublemaker.

3. White Screen Scare: Sometimes, the screen goes all white! Add a code to see what's wrong, and check if a plugin is causing it.

4. Broken Links & Lost Pics: When links are broken and pictures disappear, use a tool to fix them.

5. Database Dilemmas: The database is like a library. Backup often and use a plugin to clean it up.

6. Super Safety: Keep your website safe! Update everything and use strong passwords.

7. Speed it Up: Make your website faster with image tricks and plugins.

Remember, it's like fixing a puzzle. One step at a time, and you'll have a happy website!

And feel free to give feedbacks on my services

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