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Please check my gig and tell me if it is Okay


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I have changed my tags, gig description, gig title of two of my gigs because I was getting 10-20 impressions per day for a week now and added a gig video in every gigs. 

Will it badly affect my gig impressions now or should I create a new gig. 

I really don’t want to create a new one because I have almost 1k impressions in many of my gigs and it has been 23 days now for me to be in this platform. 


Please check my profile and let me know If any changes are needed. 



Really looking for your suggestions. 


Thank You. 

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Hello There, 

It has been almost a month now for me to be in this amazing platform. In these few days, I was examining my gig impressions and changing accordingly. I have added my gig videos, changed metadata, keywords, title and description for gig SEO. 

However, in the last two or three days, my gig impressions accounted 5-10 impressions per day, which is a bit shocking since I used to get 50+ impressions on each of my gigs a day. 

Can you guys please help with my gigs by telling if any changes that needs to be done or any suggestions would be helpful. 

I am attaching a 30 days report for your reference. Please do guide me hereby. 


Thank You.


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