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3 hours ago, fathanzi said:

what should i do for a new sellers in fiverr???

Did you just copy the title of a post that has nothing to do with your question?

I see some serious irony here...

But seriously though... What exactly do you mean in your question? What sort of advice would help you?


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42 minutes ago, fathanzi said:

I'm sorry, I've just tried this feature and trying to be active with asking a question
I'm looking for what should I do as a new seller in Fiverr

Hi @fathanzi,

Copying the title of another well-followed member on the forum won't help you. 

You also shouldn't try to be "active" on the forum - this article will help you understand how to get the most out of your forum experience:


Since your profile looks sparse, you can also work on taking advantage of all the features Fiverr has to improve your profile and gig (you should also fix the grammar and spelling errors in your gig title):


If you are interested in really understanding how Fiverr works (and how you can improve your visibility in search), you should also read all of @frank_d's articles:




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