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16 minutes ago, harmonyuche said:

Please, I need help ranking my page on the first page. What can i do to boost my visibility?

Hi Sunshine! 😊

You had a 3.3-star review a week ago. If you also received a negative private review, that can affect your visibility in search for three months or longer. Instead of focusing on getting on the first page, focus on delivering quality orders and keeping your buyers happy. I can see that you already have many happy customers so hopefully, some of them are repeat buyers as well. As you deliver more orders with happy buyers, your visibility in search will also increase. Fiverr promotes sellers that perform well.

You also don't need to have lots of impressions and clicks to get orders. You can focus on making your gigs more attractive so that you can increase the number of clicks and orders from the current impressions that you are you are getting. Consider updating your gig thumbnails so that they have less text (1-5 words that clearly describe your services) and are unique so that they can easily stand out from the other gigs that are on the search page results. You might want to use your name "Sunshine" in your marketing because that is unique and gives positive vibes to your buyers. Then they can visit your gig and see your great reviews and portfolio samples.

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