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Can I share my Team profile - a website with buyers?



Dear fiver community,

Is it ok for me to share my company or team profile with fiverr buyers, I have no intention to take the clients off the platform but what are the odds that fiverr automated system don't ban my profile.

Scenario: I started to offer graphics and design services as well. Now, I haven't published my gig related to it but buyer can see all the details on my web, is it OK, to send the web URL? I can see that my the person who approached have been ordering web services a lot in last 6 months, How can I up-sell myself?


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40 minutes ago, startabitz said:

How can I up-sell myself?

Create gigs offering graphic design services that you want to sell.

When I first started on Fiverr, I only had one gig. I quickly expanded to 7 gigs within the first two weeks based on the inquiries that I was getting in my inbox. If buyers asked for a service that I could provide, I would create a gig so that they could order it.

Note: If you exceed your gig limit, pause the gigs that aren't bringing in orders so that you can offer new ones that will. Add in your portfolio samples so that all potential buyers can see what you can do.

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