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Promoted gig feature disabled 😥😥



Hello guys,

I am here on Fiverr since 2018, at that time I started getting orders using custom request  method that was an easy way for new sellers.

after few orders profile start ranking and I started receiving messages from new client.

it was good since covid infact covid days were extra ordinary in term of work potential.

till Covid period ,I always remain on the first page. 

after covid I remember few clients posted bad reviews and after that I started losing ranking . And profile sometime jump on first page but mostly stick on last pages .

time passes and fiver introduced promote-gig feature that sounds like extra money giving fiver just for clicks and no guarantee for order.

But honestly speaking it worth. It really worth .

although from Last few months I notice that my promote gig feature stay active for a week or may be 2 but then it goes down for 2 months.  

I contact with support and they always help but with pre-defined  templates. 

do you guys ever face this issue if yes please share your experience how you overcome this. 



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59 minutes ago, asma_dev said:

Hello @yourbrandingpal
Thanks for your information.

I have already filled all the mentioned requirements for the promoted gig.  I have completed more than 1100+ orders.


Then you might want to read this:

As much as I wish that Fiverr wouldn't keep you in the dark about the specifics of why your gigs are ineligible for the "Promoted Gigs" option sometimes, that's just how it is right now, feel free to head over to Fiverr Site Suggestions section (https://community.fiverr.com/forums/forum/23-fiverr-site-suggestions/) and submit a feedback with regards to transparency when it comes to SPECIFIC reasons behind gigs being ineligible for the "Promoted Gigs" option.

If you still feel there's a bug, report it in "Report a Bug" section (https://community.fiverr.com/forums/forum/24-report-a-bug/) with the supporting screenshots/links/evidence.

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