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All of my gigs have been removed from the search results


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Hi, I have working on Fiver since 2014. 2 years ago I became a Top-rated seller and all are working well. But a few months ago Fiverr took my Top rated badge. After this, problems begin to arise.  Now I am a Level 2 seller, and for the past 4 months, my gigs have not been appearing in search results. I tried reaching out to support but did not receive any results. I also attempted various methods to make my gig appear higher in search results, but unfortunately, I was not successful 😞.  So, if you guys share some thoughts on this issue then I will be very thankful. Thank you. 

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Hello zahid


We can cheat humans but can’t cheat machine/code

Fiverr doesn’t change ranking unless any hidden algorithm met. That’s the beauty of Fiverr once a guy down another got chance to shine. 

I give you some tips that might be helpful for you.

- Pause all gigs for now and just active one best selling gigs .

- Edit it, like change price, add new tags, change gig image and some portfolio if available for you 

- contact your existing client ask them how’s your experience you made for them. And trying getting some work from them.

- promote gigs on social platform and try grabbing some  orders.

I hope in few days or may be week you will get some positive results.


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