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New Member Introductions


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To create a forum on Fiverr for "New Member Introductions," you would typically follow these steps:

  1. Log into Your Fiverr Account: Make sure you are logged into your Fiverr account.

  2. Navigate to the Community Section: Go to the Fiverr Community section. This is where you can access the Fiverr forum.

  3. Create a New Post: Within the Fiverr forum, you can create a new post or topic. To create a forum specifically for "New Member Introductions," you can start a new discussion thread where new members can introduce themselves.

  4. Write a Description: In your post, provide a clear and welcoming description of what the forum is for and what new members should include in their introductions.

  5. Set Forum Rules: If you want to maintain a specific set of rules or guidelines for the forum, be sure to outline them in your post. This will help maintain a positive and helpful community.

  6. Moderate and Engage: As the creator of the forum, it's your responsibility to moderate discussions and engage with the community. Encourage new members to introduce themselves and respond to their posts in a friendly and welcoming manner.

Creating a community forum on Fiverr can be a great way to help new members feel more at home and to foster a sense of community within the platform.

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