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[GAME] Define the Fiverr Member's Username


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This should be an interesting game and it should bring some laughs.

Just give a definition of why you think the Fiverr member above you picked their name.

This is a funny way I seeing how people think you named yourself on Fiverr.

For example, if the person above me is madmoo, I would say that she picked her name because she ran into a really angry cow or she ate a hamburger that didn’t taste good.

One rule: You are not allowed to define yourself (since you know the real reason why you picked your name).

Be funny!

So, who wants to define “hotwebideas”???

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Guest zulualpha

@hotwebideas - On a warm, dry day a spider decided to go for a walk in the forest. He dropped a line of silk to the forest floor and spider-walked his way down the trail, looking in all directions at the same time with his eight black, unblinking eyes. He wandered through the leaves for a few hours and had to duck behind a rock when an armadillo came too close and nearly trampled him.

The spider decided that life on the ground wasn’t what it was cracked up to be. He belonged back in his web in the trees where the wind tickled his leg hairs and carried the scent of distant flies. As he returned to his part of the forest, he noticed that lightning had struck the tree his web was in. The tree was smouldering and smoke rose from the upper branches. As the spider grabbed hold of his silk line to climb back up to his nest, he found that it was too hot to touch. The fire must have heated his web, and if there is anything that spiders hate, it’s a hot web. The spider crawled in a circle, trying to think of an idea to save his precious web, but with a brain smaller than a grain of sand…he had no hot web ideas.

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