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Job is due but no response from seller?


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i have a task that was due yesterday but there was no response from seller?

i have been email seller for 2 days but still didn’t receive any reply from seller.

what should i do? i try to search help but couldn’t find any session related to this topic?


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I’m in the process of that right now w/a seller who claims to have delivered my logos, but as of today (8/04/2014) hasn’t sent anything. I first contacted the seller who said he needed +24hrs, even though I hadn’t heard from him the three days prior.

Then I get a message saying that he completed the order, but I still don’t have any attached files with my logo. I can no longer contact him directly at this point, so I’ve been submitting more inquiries w/Resolution Center.

Hope this helps… it’s frustrating I know, but keep doing what you’re doing 🙂

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