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Rejection is rough, but it likely means that, well, you're rejected. You can keep trying to make new accounts (though you shouldn't, probably), but the outcome will probably be the same. I think you need to reflect a bit, perhaps. First thing to rule out is: did you.copy someone else's gig (maybe because you were told to?) 

If the answer is no, go a step further. 

Are you trying to sell something you're genuinely good at? Is it in a niche that has a lot of sellers? Can you deliver better than they can, or are you just trying for the sake of it? 

If it's the second, maybe you need to improve your skills (take classes, learn new things, etc.) first. Fiverr has a LOT of sellers selling the same things. CS - maybe, perhaps - could help, but it's best to understand yourself first. If you were rejected for a reason, that'll likely stay the same no matter how many times you try.

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