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Problem with the narrator mode


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Hi, I'm here to ask for help and to find out if anyone has had a similar problem before and could share their experience with me. I think I unintentionally activated the narrator mode and now the use of the site is compromised. To describe the problem, I have a yellow highlight on every word/phrase I click on and a robotic voice that reads it to me (see screenshot). On top of that, I'm taken back to the beginning of the page each time to read what's above, so I can't finish what I start. I need your help! 


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I shared the solution a while ago, but here it is again:

Go to the bottom of any Fiverr page when you are in seller mode, and press the Accessibility button.


Then press the Screen Reader button a few times. You want it to appear like I showed in the photo attachment. There are 3 screen reader settings, and then if you press once more, it turns it off. I had the same issue and this worked 🙂




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